About the Organizers

Empowherments will be hosted by P.S. MediaHouse, a Waterdown-based boutique marketing and publishing agency. Owners Paula Henriques and Shannon Mastaler created these events to allow women to connect with one another and help them to build their businesses by providing workshops and speakers who will provide them with tools to help with branding, social media, accounting, networking etc.

About P.S. MediaHouse

When we created P.S. MediaHouse, we asked our clients and colleagues what their number one complaint was with typical agencies. We wanted to create a firm that truly delivered and catered to the needs of our clients. The biggest criticisms were: too much red tape, incredibly long turn-around times and designs that were unoriginal. This was music to our ears, since we believed the same things and vowed not to be like the other guys! As a boutique agency, our clients receive extremely personal care. We work fast and efficiently so we never waste your hard-earned money. And we don’t believe in red tape – the less fuss the better.

After more than 12 years in the newspaper, magazine and marketing industries, both Paula and Shannon have the insider’s knowledge of what editors are looking for when deciding what content to publish. Paula and Shannon have maintained close relationships with award-winning industry professionals including photographers, writers, designers, and more, creating an even stronger network of trusted professionals working for you.

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To learn more about P.S. MediaHouse or inquiry about their services please visit their website at www.psmediahouse.com