The day’s speakers are a savvy, strong and inspiring group of women, including:


Cynthia Loystcynthialoyst.jpg

CTV The Social co-host

Award winning sex-educator, advice columnist and co-host of the popular national television show The Social, Cynthia is dedicated to candid talk about love, sex and the relationships that mean the most to us. And because pleasure is about so much more than great sex, it’s also about sensual living and the everyday joys that we can all be thankful for.



 Jill Andrew

Body image advocate and journalist

Jill Andrew is an award-winning columnist, educator and body image advocate. She is founder of the annual Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs), #SizeismSUCKS National Campaign advocating for an end to appearance-based discrimination in Canada, and Body Confidence Awareness Week, which is now recognized as a Week of Significance across two of Canada’s largest school boards. Whether through fashion shows, theatre, conferences or dance parties, Jill, often quoted by the media, encourages everyone to love the skin they are in! She will share tips and tricks to help us strive towards an A+ in Body Confidence. www.BodyConfidenceCanadaAwards.com




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Katie McClelland

Entrepreneur and inspirational speaker 

Successful entrepreneur, yoga expert and happy mom and wife, Katie’s life didn’t always look this bright. Fifteen years ago, her life was much different. As a crystal meth addict, the journey to a happy, healthy life was challenging, scary and was the catalyst to a complete transformation.




Natalie Sexton

Marilyn Denis Show fashion expert and entrepreneur

Natalie is a fashion stylist, professional makeup artist, blogger and fashion expert for The Marilyn Denis Show and CHCH Television. Natalie’s passion for fashion and all things girly has been the driving force behind her Canadian brand of Sexton in the City makeup, clothing and accessories. Natalie has a true passion for what she does and loves to help women find their own personal style in an affordable and enjoyable way. She is a true example of finding success by following your passions.