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Beautifying Foods

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“You truly are what you eat…” Everything you put in your body impacts your health and beauty. In this interactive workshop, we will discuss the best (and worst) foods for gorgeous glowing skin, healthy hair and nails and looking your absolute, most beautiful best. We will discuss simple ways and recipes to get more of these foods into your day and nourish yourself for clean, natural beauty.


Kimberlee Ruzycki is a health and wellness lifestyle coach who works with clients personally to reach their health goals through nutrition and adapting healthy habits for sustainable success. She also does workplace wellness talks, teaches plant-based cooking classes and speaks professionally on health and wellness topics. Her Picky Diet website has delicious, healthy and simple plant-based recipes and blog posts on nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Learn more at

Bellydance 101

Portrait of smiling young woman sleeping in bedWe’ll kick things off with a shimmy warm-up that will turn up the heat then move into isolations, travelling, hips, hands and arms before peppering in expression. After we’ve covered the basics we’ll string it together in a bite-sized combination. We’ll run it with music and polish up any rough edges before a gentle cool down. Open to everyone. No experience necessary.


Eshe Despres is the owner and director of Mahasti The Bellydance Emporium where she offers weekly classes and hosts workshops with visiting instructors.  She has shimmied across in stages in America, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia. She holds titles from bellydance competitions in Korea, Indonesia, Japan and Canada. She’s had appearances in numerous tv and radio shows as well as magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.  She performs at large scale events like Supercrawl as well as private and corporate functions.  She runs a monthly bellydance showcase at The Casbah in Hamilton as well as Hamilton International Bellydance Competition. Learn more at

The F Word

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If there is one thing that holds us back each day from stepping into and owning our purpose and becoming the version of ourselves that we want to be, fear is definitely at the top of the list. In this workshop, you’ll learn 3 powerful ways to transform your relationship with fear immediately.


As a Naturopathic Doctor and Business Coach, Dr. Renata‘s personal mission is to offer 1-on-1 naturopathic and coaching sessions, retreats, events, workshops, and create content that helps women align their health and business so their purpose can shine. Alignment means you’re an emotional, mental, physical, and energetic match for the desired life you want to live; unlearning and letting go of the “shoulds” that limit you and most importantly; it’s about identifying the foods, environments, behaviours, beliefs, or people, that are keeping you stuck and sick, literally and figuratively. With over 10 years of experience in natural medicine, yoga, and coaching, Dr. Renata blends heart, soul, and science in everything she does with a no BS approach infused with tough love that has your back no matter what! Learn more at

Good Night Sleep

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Sleep Expert Alanna McGinn of Good Night Sleep Site will discuss her key strategies on how to develop healthy sleep habits for yourself. She’ll explain why we aren’t sleeping well and what tools you can apply to help your family sleep better. Her no-nonsense approach to better sleep for the whole family will help you become the healthy family unit you are meant to be.


Good Night Sleep Site is a family sleep consulting practice helping babies to adults sleep better. Sleep Expert and President Alanna McGinn is host of the ‘This Girl Loves Sleep’ Podcast and she and her global team work with families and corporations to overcome their sleep challenges through sleep support and education. You can follow Alanna’s expert advice on The Marilyn Denis Show, CTV’s Your Morning, and national publications like Today’s Parent, Maclean’s, Prevention, and Huffington Post. Good Night Sleep Site strives in helping families bring back bedtime and get the healthy sleep they deserve. To listen to Alanna’s podcasts click here.

Chair/Office Yoga


Chair yoga is a great way to rejuvenate your mind and body throughout a busy -and stationary- work day.  In this workshop join Katie McClelland, yoga studio owner, teacher and mentor, for a yoga class fit for everyone. We’ll go through sequences and exercises that are suitable for the workplace to connect you with your breath and calm your mind from the worries of everyday life. After this workshop, you’ll have a handful of stretches and poses to use to relieve stress and promote productivity.


Katie is the founder of De La Sol Yoga Studios in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada which first opened in 2006 and expanded to a second location in Waterdown, Ontario. Katie speaks at high schools, conferences, and recovery centres about her history of drug addiction and ongoing journey towards wellness and wholeness. She’s launched a successful online course and is currently working on her first book, a memoir titled Waking Up.

Live It Up


LIVE IT up with Suzanne Conroy, Leadership Coach of LIVE IT. She will help you come alive. Finding your purpose is so incredible… and so draining when you live without it. Suzanne will help you see what holds you back and fuel your passion for creating the life you want and deserve… and others deserve from you!


Suzanne works with people who want more! She believes whole heartedly in you… and in herself too. That creates a synergy and connection that is magical. Get ready to take charge in her workshop at The Well 2018!

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